Calling all directors

Before you begin, please review our policy on pre-casting: While Red Octopus Theatre Company does not prohibit directors from pre-casting, we prefer that they don't, and we require that these intentions be FULLY DISCLOSED to the Board at the time a show is proposed (e.g. now). We also require that any pre-cast roles be FULLY DISCLOSED to the public at (or before) the time that auditions are announced. Holding "open" auditions for roles that aren't actually available is a waste of actor time and is disrespectful, so please FULLY disclose any casting intentions here. (Please also note that your desire to pre-cast may impact our decision regarding producing your show.)

Submissions for 2023 through the beginning of 2024 are now open. Use the form below to submit your show proposal(s). All submissions must be received by May 15, 2022 in order to be considered.

Please note: If you are proposing more than one show, you will need to fill out a separate submission form for each.