Box Office

Only those who have already undergone OCCA-provided, detailed box office training with Bonnie Prater are eligible to volunteer for a box office position. They arrive one hour prior to showtime and assist with ticket sales, will call, etc. Please do not volunteer for Box Office if you are not fully trained by the OCCA and approved for the position. Thank you!


Use the form below to express interest in volunteering for front-of-house:

Please note - this is not a signup form. If we have positions available for you on the date(s) that you've indicated, we will reach out to re-confirm your availability. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: While we don't normally require any particular "dress code" for our front-of-house volunteers, for this particular production we request that ushers and ticket takers wear a white shirt/blouse/top and black pants or skirt. We promise, we have a very good reason for asking!

We would also like to remind all volunteers that the PAC is a scent-free zone. Please do not arrive wearing cologne, perfume, strongly scented lotions, or smelling of incense, etc.  This is because some patrons, fellow volunteers, and/or cast and crew members are highly allergic to the ingredients in many of these scents. Thank you for understanding!

Volunteer Opportunities

We're currently seeking friendly, responsible volunteers to assist with front-of-house needs for "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (A Curiously Magical Journey)". Volunteers may attend the performance at no charge, in exchange for performing the duties outlined below.

PLEASE: Before volunteering we ask that you read and fully familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of each volunteer position, and ensure that you understand and are ready to perform all duties as listed.

Ticket Takers

Our ticket 'takers' stand at the lobby doors and scan audience members' tickets using a smartphone app. They are often a patron's first point of contact, and may be asked to provide information about the show, the facilities, etc. We ask that ticket takers remain friendly and focused, and create a good impression for both Red Octopus Theatre Company and the Newport Performing Arts Center. Ticket takers must arrive one hour prior to show time, and must remain after the performance to straighten up the lobby after audiences have departed. During the show, they will help to ensure that the aisleways remain clear for the actors. They are also responsible for asking patrons to refrain from talking or eating/drinking (if needed). Should an emergency arise, the ticket takers will assist.

Usher Volunteers

Ushers stand at one of the four entrance points of the Alice Silverman Theatre. Before the house is open, they remain at their entrance point to remind audience members that it is not yet time to proceed into the theatre. Once the house has opened, they open their doors and provide programs to audience members as they pass by. Ushers may be asked to provide information on seating locations, best entry points, etc. We ask that ushers familiarize themselves with the theatre's seating map so that they can help patrons quickly locate their sections and seats. When the show begins, and after intermission, ushers are responsible for closing their respective doors and sitting just inside. During the show, ushers must ensure that the aisleways remain clear for the actors. They are also responsible for asking patrons to refrain from talking or eating/drinking (if needed). At the start of intermission, and after the curtain call, ushers must re-open their doors. Ushers must remain after the performance to straighten up the theatre (collecting any programs or trash that may have been left behind by audience members).

Lobby Sitters

Lobby sitters arrive 15 minutes prior to show time. They remain in the lobby throughout the performance, both for security (PAC doors remain unlocked) and to assist in finding an appropriate time to re-seat patrons who may have exited the theatre for any reason. Should an emergency arise, the lobby sitter will assist ushers and housemanager in attending to the situation. Lobby sitters are eligible for a 'comp' (complimentary) to watch the performance on a different date (although, the PAC lobby monitors do allow you to view the show as you lobby sit).